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We usually present our games and events on Facebook but we would like to give people a chance to play on here too. The games take the form of Lucky Numbers Cash Raffles, Scratch Cards and so on. we are always looking for new and inventive interactive games and ways to fundraise so, if you have any great ideas please do contact us - we need to keep the games alive! If you have collected any money through fundraising please pay in using the button below - it will allow you to pay by PayPal or using your Debit or Credit Card. Please comment with your name and your cause

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Sponsored Walk

If you are reading this, the chances are you are an ardent dog lover, which means you probably have more dogs at home than your space and finances allow. You would love to donate, but you just cannot spare a single euro. That doesn’t mean you can’t help us to raise funds! Do you have goods or services that you can sell for cash? Do you knit, bake, paint, take great photos? Pledge the proceeds from one sale per month Organise a fundraising function - hold a sponsored walk, swim, silence. Hold a bring and buy sale, cake stall, coffee morning. Put a collection box in your local pub or shop Get out in your shed, up in your spare room or attic and sort out all that “junk” you have been meaning to get rid of for months - sell it on e-bay or at a car boot sale and donate a percentage or your proceeds to the Shelter Do you have sensible children and is it safe to do so? Ask them to go out in your community and offer to do “jobs for donations” - now the lawn, clean the cooker, walk the dog, The possibilities are there. Try to encourage the people in your community to get involved - widen the catchment for fundraising - your family, friends and neighbours probably love dogs bu just are not committed financially as heavily as you are, and may well be delighted to help this excellent cause TRY IT! YOU MIGHT BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED and think how much it will lessen the burden on your wallet!!!!!!!
Rehoming Rescued Dogs
Join the Reaching Out Fiver a Month Club
Go to our Donate Page and click on the PayPal button to make a regular donation to Reaching Out of £5 - you don’t have to use PayPal to join - you will see the option to pay using your Debit or Credit Card. You needn’t stick to a fiver either, you can upsize or downsize to any amount you are comfortable with. Please say on your payment whether you are making a general contirubtion to the group, or wish to support a particular rescue or campaign.
Support Rodica’s Babes in the Wood
Rodica Fulias and her devoted friends work tirelessly to feed and keep safe the street dogs and woodland strays around Arad, in Romania. These babies live out in all weathers - finding shelter wherever they can from the bitter Romanian winters and the blistering hot summers. They are in constant danger from the dog catchers and from the public, who are likely to poison them or worse, and leave them dying in the roads and woods Reaching Out endeavours to send Rodica money for food 
and to help pay towards veterinary care. Often dogs are involved in road accidents, or maliciously wounded, or just need routine wellness treatments such as worming, neutering and vaccinations. If you would like to support Rodica in her work, please mark your donation or regular contricution “Babes”.
Thank you so much for contributing