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You read on our Home Page about how Reaching Out came to be, but why do we carry on and what are our goals and aspirations?   How do we intend to achieve those goals and where do you come in?     Why do We Carry On? Every day more dogs are abandoned to the streets, or born there to unspayed females. Their lives are precarious - they are always in danger of being cruelly treated or inhumanely captured and thrown into the Public Shelters, where after fifteen days they are savagely killed if not claimed. At best they struggle for food and shelter and at worst they die an horrific death. We carry on in order to get as many as possible to safety and ultimately to caring permanent homes, to remove entire dogs from the streets and reduce the number of puppies born there only to die of disease, danger or neglect Our Main Goals Are To help rescuers to save stray dogs from the streets and wastelands in their area, to take them out of reach of the dog catchers and those who would wish them harm, to the sanctuary of private Shelters and Fosters, to promote and prepare for adoption in the UK and other EU countries To help rescuers to release dogs from the public shelters and perrera into safekeeping of Fosters and private Shelters and to promote and prepare them for adoption To promote the dogs in our group as far and wide as possible to find the best homes for them by ensuring proper thorough homechecks are always carried our and rescue backup is always in place for every adoption. To help rescue groups and individuals to fundraise towards the cost of release, veterinary treatments, preparation and transport. Adoption fees alone go nowhere near covering those costs.

How do We Intend to Achieve those Goals?

As usual, money is at the root of all evil and the first thing we need to do is to raise more!  We need to raise money through adoptions, sponsorship, donations, competitions and fundraising events You can help us!  Follow the links to the pages to see how to donate, how to sponsor, how to enter our competitions and how to adopt.
Neglected and Abused Street Dog
Starving Dog in a Spanish Perrera
Rehoming Rescued Dogs
Rehoming Rescued Dogs
This gorgeous boy was adopted from Spain by a totally unsuitable family and spent his life living in a crate that was far too small for him. He was re-rescued and rehomed again properly. Look at him now enjoying life to the full!